Quadrupole Mass Filters

Quadrupole Mass Filters are central parts of a quadrupole mass spectrometer, an analytical tool to determine the mass of different molecules in a sample. 

Our Product

Customized Quadrupole Solutions

Our journey with quadrupole started 10 years ago when we started manufacturing chambers for mass spectrometer analyzers. It took us more than a year of intensive research and experimentation before we produced our first quadrupole prototype. The quadrupole mass filter is not only a precise mechanical part, but also requires high-accuracy installation and testing processes. We are able to break through on all those fields by collaboration with academic institutions and mass spectrometer manufacturers. We work closely with customers to understand how our quadrupole products are used in their designs, allowing us to continually fine tune our production processes. We adopt Class 1000 cleanroom for testing and installation. 

Custom Specifications

Precise Part Making, 1um Tolerance

Superior Surface Treatment Technology

High Accuracy Installation, 3um Comprehensive Tolerance

Consistent Process Management

High-Purity Alumina Ceramic Collars

High-Quality Chamber and Accessory Integration


12mm x 130mm

12mm x 180mm

12mm x 230mm

Or Customized Design


Stainless Steel



Testing Result

Parallelism Testing Result



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